Food Pantry

Food Pantry Service Area

We serve the following Indiana communities:

1. Fairmount
2. Summitville
3. Northern Alexandria

Categories of Food Available at the Food Pantry:

Combination: Soups, Suddenly Salad, Pasta Sides, Hamburger Helper, etc.

Vegetables: Canned Green Beans, Canned Corn, Canned Peas, etc.

Fruit: Canned Fruits, Fruit Snack Bars, Jelly, Fruit Snacks, etc.

Grains: Cereal, Crackers, Pasta, Spaghetti, Cereal Bars, Rice, etc.

Meat and Protein: Nuts, Peanut Butter, Assorted Meats, etc.

Sweets: Cake Mixes, Frosting, Cookies, etc.